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by CoolADN

I love this photo because it's very balanced. The costume looks amazing and the cosplayer is in a perfect stance that suits her warrior...



Like I mentioned in my previous journal, I decided to give my La Andromeda Promethium a bigger run, so I took it to the Winter Masquerade Ball, a "Queen Millennia" should be regal enough for a ball. Rzero  I ended up reusing the old stones, because unfortunately the new ones remained gooey as caramel. Sweating a little...  The wig is a nightmare! Not really wearing it, but just by handling it tangles like mad. The dress is very slippery, and yet it quickly forms rats nests in the back. At least it's a beautiful golden yellow.

Again I took Andromeda to the second, usually the first, event of the year, the Cosplay Photoshoot. It was an average nice day for February, this year it was on Valentine's Day, a bit cold, the occasional drizzle and a few minutes of sunshine. As usual I forgot to ask to have my photo taken with my camera, but there were a few people that took some nice photos, Shadow Shaper and Aniarts, who took one of those great lucky shots, really dramatic, pity it's a weird framing and really harsh sunlight. But I'm still very happy with it.

Dramatic Queen by MisatoLx La Andromeda Promethium crown WIP by MisatoLx

Since I made this crown, some people asked me how I made it, it's not your average armour design piece, because it has volume and is very glossy, so I took some of the WIP photos and made a sort of tutorial of it. What's not mentioned, besides all the materials, you should arm yourselves with loads of patience and time to make a polished prop like this. In order that the crown would be smooth with no imperfections and have that plastic finish, I worked on it in short stages, an average of 2 hours a day, leaving the glues or paints to dry overnight, so when I touched it again it would be nice and safely dry to go on working on it. This made the crown pretty sturdy and resistant to handling.

~ ♥ ~

In 2015 I won't "officially" be making a new costume. I'll keep on working on my costume for next year, that'll mark my 20 year cosplay anniversary, and finish the Hokuto costume, fixing my never worn Komagata Yumi costume (Rurouni Kenshin's Shishio's girlfriend) and I'll be making a Space: 1999 S2 Moonbase Alpha Science Officer costume, probably the first I ever wanted to wear since I was a kid.

The thing that motivated me to make the Hokuto costume were the shoes, but I couldn't find cheap shoes with a similar shape to customise anywhere for at least two years. Finally I found some, they're actually really comfortable, and I've already bought the pleather to start working on them. I'll be wearing this one in September at Anifest and maybe at any other event in between if I feel like it.

Yumi's kimono, obi and under skirt have been made in 2002, but at the time I ended not wearing it because I spent so much time helping a friend putting her costume and make up on, that when the time came to put mine on, kimono isn't the easiest and quickest garment to put on, I simply didn't have the patience any more and didn't wear it. It has been folded in my closet ever since, but I've been thinking it would be nice for an event such as Festa do Japão, the Japanese Festival in Lisbon. So in January I dared a few Kenshin cosplayer fans to join me. Why fix it? I purchased a really gorgeous red sablé for the kimono and managed to find a purple fabric with a similar texture and sheen for the obi, but the light yellow for the collar was a challenge and I ended using some cheap common satin, with which I was never happy with. The collar stripes were painted and there were some unfortunate blotches, so now I found a gorgeous pale yellow sateen, closer to the artwork's colour which has green hues, and decided to sew dark blue ribbon to the collar for the stripes, which back then I thought were black. Earlier my hair was longer and I was going to simply dye it that plum colour, so now I ordered a wig and got some new pearls for her hair dress, more accurate in both size and colour.

The Space:1999 uniform is on my wishlist for the longest time. I first watched the series when I was 6 years old and I was completely hooked. Space: 1999 is still my very favourite TV series and those costumes are so awesome! A few years ago, when I had more money to spend, I found that ponte jersey in cream and also got the red for the sleeve. Now I just have to dye the cream beige, buy the sleeve zipper, and pleather for the boot covers and belt and make the costume and props, the Commlock and the badges. I decided to make it because in July there will be an international sci-fi convention in Lisbon and sci-fi is my first geek love and a huge part of what I am. The uniform is long sleeved and ponte is wool mix, OMG I'll be melting in July! I hope the venue has proper air conditioning.

~ ♥ ~

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Leo Pinela
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I'm probably the 1st Portuguese anime-related cosplayer, as I've been cosplaying since 1996. My first costume was Black Lady from SailorMoon R. I still cosplay because I have lots of fun with it!

I'm also an illustrator and Blythe doll clothes designer amongst other things.

Cosplays so far:
♥ Black Lady, SailorMoon R
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♥ Non Gou - v2, Majokko Megu-chan

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